Optimise type 2 diabetes drug spend

Diabetes Prescriber Tool

Currently, only a few of the known influences on prescribing are ever used to explain variations in spend and outcomes in products developed by the RightCare team. Unsurprisingly, it is difficult for local NHS organisations (STPs, CCGs and acute trusts) to actively change prescribing behaviour based on such data.

Rather than national targets and a focus on encouraging CCGs and STPs to adopt the same approach to change prescribing behaviour it is more important to understand the key influences for each CCG.

Using the conclusions from doctoral research, the Diabetes Prescriber Tool uses an adapted Donabedian model to create a CCG profile measuring 16 factors known to influence prescribing behaviour. Appropriate and more effective strategies focusing on the influences important for each CCG are then developed to improve disease outcomes and reduce prescribing costs.

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