Market Access Support Tool (MAST)

"This is often the crux of the problem with KAM teams - processes for appropriate measurement and communication are often absent"

Pharmafield article by Tony Swift looking at how to successfully implement KAM.Click here to see full article

Helping Health in conjunction with SG market access have created MAST to optimise the performance of your Market Access/KAM team. If you answer NO to any of the following questions then MAST could be the solution:

  1. There are over 500 potential organisations to engage. Are you sure the team are seeing the ones most influential in increasing your sales?
  2. Are the team giving the optimal messages for the particular local NHS agenda?
  3. Are you measuring and sharing the progress of the team throughout your organisation?
  4. Are your customer account plans regularly reviewed and updated?


  • Disease specific customer intelligence creates sophisticated targeting
  • Market approach tailored to achieve maximum impact at local level
  • Progress objectively measured at six monthly intervals
  • Easy to use, web based system to show team successes and promote discussion within sales/marketing teams

MAST has been specifically designed not just to support your market access/KAM team achieve their potential, but to measure and share their success throughout the organisation.

You are investing significant amounts of money in your team. Shouldn't you be providing them with a tool that will optimise their performance?

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