New Drug Launch

The Helping Health team has distilled over 40 years of experience to ensure that the many changes to current NHS structures and key influencers in its move towards a ‘patient led service’ are turned into opportunities for healthcare brands by use of the SPARKTM system. This interactive solution provides the client with a tailored five stage process that continually evolves to maximise the value of the brand or service.

·        Spider Analysis – Identify and classify the key NHS organisations influencing your brand into different types using an analysis of in-house and NHS specific data. This analysis and segmentation is carried out using our  unique and multi layer  methodology;

·        By Local Health Economy

·        Comparing activity of similar organisations at both SHA and National level

·        Disease Specific Networks

·        Medicines Management Structures and Networks 

Spider Tool Picture (Click on picture to see full size version)

·        Profile target organisations – A summary dossier is compiled for each organisation providing the team with a ready made business plan aide

Dossier_resized.jpg (Click on picture to see full size version)

·        Adapt- Using a structured workshop approach the following outcomes will be delivered;

·         the target list will be adapted to take account of the local knowledge of the account team to ensure complete buy-in.

·        Differentiated marketing initiatives will be created to reflect the dynamic way that each target segment is constructed and the key influencers within each one.

·        Approaches for engaging with both clinical and non-clinical customers, including those who may be creating barriers to product acceptance/adoption will be discussed.

·        Report and Measure– Three to Six month review of prescribing data and therapeutic market provides feedback on the ongoing value of the brand to the NHS.

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·        Knowledge Feedback– Regular meetings with the client to assess the ongoing impact of the SPARKTM system is crucial to its success. The meeting will review the prescribing data, feedback from the account team on local implementations and the NHS market update. This will ensure that the brand is constantly aligned to the NHS agenda.